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Ed Martin of Pandora
Ed Martin of Pandora

I have just finished watching this short video from Ed Martin of Pandora and came away think boy does he get it!

I am sure like many of you recruiters out there, we have had our time wasted by companies who do not understand the value of their staff or how to retain them or lose quality candidates after the offer.

Mind you could say that is good for us too, if no one left we wouldn’t have much of a job to do!

A good recruiter knows that the job is not done after the offer has been accepted, because all manner of things can go wrong including the counter offer. So we keep in touch during this time with the Candidate and client. Now if the client was like Ed we would not need to worry and could get on with placing someone else. Mind you things can still go wrong, but to know you could contact Ed and say Bob has a few issues you know he would deal with it.

Unfortunately most companies are not like this they think that the candidate is just lucky to have a job. Still I suppose you could say at least this way we earn our keep 😉

Anyway enjoy the video, I like his twist on Twitter

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