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No Candidates No Vacancies No more Excuses

broadlook-logo Well it has taken me some time to write this review for many reasons, partly because I couldn’t look at a computer for a week or even find time to read my feeds, still no more excuses!!

One subject that is dear to my heart is new business well maybe dear is overstating it, who likes new business after all. What is true I have the ability to build a division or market from scratch, which is very satisfying and rewarding of course.

What makes it so difficult is the gathering of canvas material, in the past it was a case of cutting up recruitment ads from newspapers and magazines and sticking then to pieces of card, which is still a good system today. What I do find tedious is the routing through directories for telephone numbers to call, no amount of coffee could keep me awake at times.

One of the real positives about writing this blog, is I need to be more aware of the recruitment industry as a whole and keep abreast of the various tools that become available. While doing this I came across Broadlook technologies and having looked at zoominfo, which although had its advantages I could not see it working in the UK, even with all the hype, so as a result I was not expecting my view to change.

So the demo was booked and again as I sit here, I can only remember one part as it just blew my mind, to the point if another recruitment company ask me to start a division from scratch it has to include Broadlook. I know this is a strong statement but when I think of the hours I have spent compiling lists of contacts form directories such as Kelly’s or Kompass in particular Applegate, I would run a mile if I had to compile my own list again.

Why was I impressed, well when the broadlook sales rep asked me which directory I use, I thought Applegate, superb but useless, in regards to the effort to extract data. So I directed the rep to my last painful experience, Engineering companies in the UK. The sales rep unleashed Broadlook and in no time at all the software read the company list, found the contact details and if the companies had a websites it happily went of to search for contacts within those companies, while I slept ready for me to load into my recruitment software the next morning.

I know this may seem a blatant plug but I was blown away, I know there are other spidering software products, but this is dedicated to our industry. So if you are about to launch a new division or have consultants who are complaining they do not have enough candidates or vacancies, then now they have no excuses and more importantly as a manager you can keep them busy!

So I apologies for the plug but when I think of the pain I could have saved I thought this was worth sharing.


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