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Arithon Recruitment Software saves you Time and Embarrassment

I have now been working for Arithon for just under three month and I have to admit I love everyday. I think it’s because I know I am genuinely helping recruitment consultants succeed.

I know this is poor but although I have been using Arithon for over 2 years now, I came across a function today that really has been a revelation and to be honest I am keen to show it off.

What I didn’t’ realise is that the Arithon Recruitment Software, when it receives the CV or Resume by email from the job boards it’s Parsing technology will scan the CV and automatically enter all the key details such as name, address, skills history etc into the database.

Now many software products do something similar but where this really stands out is when it reads the CV it can work out which vacancy the candidate has applied for and will attached the candidates details to it, ready for you to call. In addition to this the candidate receives an email telling them we have his or hers details, how cool is that?

The amount of times I cannot remember, which vacancy a candidate has applied for when I call them, particularly if it is an old vacancy. This certainly makes you look more professional.


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