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Another Poor Recruitment Ad

Just a quick post as this Engineering vacancy caught my eye on Monster. I know my spelling is atrocious let alone the Grammar, but still it is Friday so I copied the ad and left out the names to protect the innocent, mind you it was quite a large recruitment agency none the less.

Apart from mocking the spelling, I have to admit I am really inspired to apply for this job.

Sales Manager-Sales Manager-Sales Manager-Engienering

UK-MID-Midlands – East/West and South

I am looking for sales professionals who possess experience of Special purpose machinery, automation or capital equipment within the West Midlands for various positions. If you possess a proven track record within an engineering company and can demonstrate your technical competence with engineering principles then I would like to hear from you.

Salaries range from £25 – £40,000 and encompass covering the midlands region for sales and marketing enquiries.

I have changed my mind, I will mention the company it was Huxley Associates, come on you can do better than this, surely!

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