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I have to say I am a bit late with this one and I completely missed Reed’s launch of Jobcast on the 3rd,that’s what happens when you take a holiday I suppose. The only reason I spotted it was thanks to youtube, the beauty of viral marketing.

So having now popped over to Jobcast you cannot help be impressed, their promotional  video is excellent and the BBC’s recruitment video appears to be the first to take up their offering, not surprisingly I suppose!

I have to admit that I am not convinced video job portals will succeed, but as it is part of Reed if anyone can make it work they will. I remember many years back when Reed came into the jobboard market, many didn’t think they would succeed and many agencies were skeptical in using them, not only did it work I have even placement the odd candidate from them too, not bad for free a free advert with a competitor.

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  1. The job board market is hotting up in terms of video and we are currently working with a number of global clients to provide them with a dedicated video platform – gone are the days of sticking in a YouTube video and hoping for the best – video is here to stay and the job boards are now realising (which is probably just aswell) that they need to monetise this somehow be through homepage adverts (we all know banners dont work) and also for the additional/premium services like video profiles within CV databases. Now I have in my time as a recruiter trawled through the pages of people on a CV database and the value add to be able to watch a 30 second clip is second to none.
    Job boards are looking at the “private” options as the public options have restrictions – look at the recent U turn by the white house to not use YouTube.

    Job boards are getting savvy, smarter and also with broadband speeds (in Europe especially) in the next 5 years becoming lightening quick this is an area that even in depressed times will see an upsurge.

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