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SimplyHired have hit our shores

Well Simply Hired has finally launched in the UK, not wanting to give too much of a head start to Indeed of course.

For those who do not know SimplyHired is an aggregator of Jobboards or any jobs that can be found by an xml feed and is an area that appears to be neglected by recruitment companies, particularly by those looking for free advertising.

I have to admit it is an area I have not tested, but when it comes to aggregators these are two of the biggest players.

So how do they make their money? Quite simply from Google adverts and payper click promoted vacancies. It is difficult to judge whether they will succeed in the UK as it is still early days, but they hope to compound on their success in the States. I believe they can make inroads on the likes of the generalist job boards such as Monster and Totaljobs, but their weakness is the lack of a cv database, giving the jobboards the pitch “let the vacancy find you” or something like that!

Still for a small recruitment company if you combine SimplyHired with linkedin, you then have the means to get candidates for free. The key to all of this is the ability of the aggregators to attract candidates and by having all the vacancies advertised in one place will be attractive to some candidates I am sure.

Another huge advantage with the likes of SimplyHired is that bloggers like myself can advertise relevant vacancies to our readers, like what I have done with indeed to the right of this blog post. This enables relevant vacancies getting in front of passive candidates, an alternative to Google Adwords and is something I tried with a huge success some time back.

So for me Simplyhired is a great way to get your vacancies found with out the huge costs associated with the job boards, and if you do want to spend more then there is the pay per click option which lets you pay for relavant candidates, a little like recruitment “Only paid on results!”

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  1. Just to clarify, you don’t need an xml feed to get your jobs on Indeed and SimplyHired. allows companies without career pages or job board accounts to get their jobs listed for free. We also have a tool that allows recruiters to sponsor their jobs on both sites quickly and easily for $25 (about 15 pounds) for 30 days.

    Thanks, Paul.

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