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Australian Trucker looking for a Job

I thought this was quite a novel video resume from a trucker in Australia.

When it comes to video resumes I am not convinced they will be the future, but used in the right context they can give you the edge I am sure.

What I did like about this video is it shows the driver at work, rather than someone talking through their cv. This could easily have been a welder or a bricklayer or any trade skill and in my opinion a better use of the format.

Now if I produced a video resume I am sure you would be bored within the first 30 secs.

Now whether this is a genuine video resume, I am not sure but I will be keen to see how he does.

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  1. Great post. Keep us updated on how he does.
    You can also see a 16 year US college entrant using video and internet for college applications I’ve commented on my blog
    Kenzie’s dad thinks he has not put her under too much pressure.
    See his comments on
    Penelope Trunks blog – blog. You need to scroll down a bit- her blog gets a lot of comments!

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