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Although this article is pushing my normal boundaries, I thought it was worth a mention partly because it was a little unusual in its approach, but mainly because I thought it was interesting from a marketing point of view.

Now like us all I get many emails, most of which is spam. This caught my eye as it was a recruitment pitch from an institution, rather than a company direct. What was strange was it was so unrelated I had to find out more.

The association was in fact the NSSGA the National Stone & Gravel Association and to boot it was for the States, so I thought I would find out more and contacted the Lorraine who sent the email in the first place.

This was her reply:

Hi Stephen –

I’m not spam! I carefully research blogs/websites that NSSGA has to approve to contact. It’s a new form of marketing; bloggers are great to get information out, and few try to get compensation for a public interest site.

Now I may not be the the ideal conduit for their industry, but a link from my site certainly will help their search rankings in Google. None the less she was on safe ground, as strangely enough it may have been the industry I would have gone into if I had completed my education.

So hats of to the NSSGA for realising the benefits of blogs to get their message out, when will the UK companies follow suit!

Now if you just happened to be looking for a job in America, why not try the Aggregates industry and follow this link to their promotional recruitment video.

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