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Benefits firm launches new employee wellbeing service

Stress Free Zone Next Exit, Creative Highway SignStaffordshire employee benefits firm, Busy Bees Benefits has launched an Employee Assistance Programme to help businesses obtain a happier, healthier and more productive workforce. The brand new health and wellbeing benefit sits alongside the company’s current offerings, which include Childcare Vouchers, a mobile phone salary sacrifice service and a retail discounts portal.

The Employee Assistance Programme helps employees deal with everyday issues by providing an online help system and around the clock telephone counselling services. The confidential service aims to help resolve personal and professional problems that often impact behaviour in the workplace.

Through the service, staff can receive expert advice and guidance on topics such as stress, relationship difficulties, bereavement, anxiety, family worries, alcohol and drug abuse, employment and financial concerns.

“Often personal issues can become significant barriers to career progression,” commented John Woodward, CEO of Busy Bees Benefits. “Our new scheme aims to remove these barriers and send staff on their way to great achievements at work.

“We all go through difficulties at some point in our lives – whether it’s financial issues, legal issues or even every day health issues, the support provided by the programme’s medical professionals helps to point staff in the right direction. The service is completely confidential so employees can feel comfortable when accessing the help they need.

“It’s really simple to monitor the success of the scheme as statistical information is passed back on to the employer regularly. Increased staff retention, a boost in recruitment profile and better workplace relationships are just a few of the improvements noted by employers currently using an Employee Assistance Programme.

“If your business is in need of a benefit to boost productivity, reduce sick days and help boost motivation, the Employee Assistance Programme is the perfect fit!” he concluded.

The Busy Bees Benefits Employee Assistance Programme is available to businesses of all sizes. To receive more information on the company’s new offering, call 0330 333 9100 or send an email to

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