Bubble Job Board launches for web jobs

Press Release

Bubble launches to help people in Web, Digital, Ecommerce and Social Media industries find work.

Bubble-Jobs.co.uk, a niche job board for Social Media, Ecommerce and Online industries has recently launched and is already hosting jobs for leading global brands and niche technology developers.

The site aims to build a large community for people in the industry to share their expertise, industry knowledge and ultimately, job opportunities.

For employers, the site provides a cost effective solution to recruitment with a ‘standard’ job posting, which with a bundle of extras including social media promotion, blog marketing features and SEO optimisation is far from standard, costing just £75. With a niche audience, employers can be confident that they will receive applications for appropriate candidates with skills, commitment and passion for the industry.

Job Seekers are benefiting from a tailored job seeking experience which acknowledges the scale and unique intricacies of these emerging markets. The site favours direct employers which allows job seekers to build direct relationships with the companies they wish to work for.

Of course, launching a community for the most innovative and cutting edge individuals in the market place means that the team at Bubble will have to stay at the forefront in order to keep their community engaged.

To join the Bubble visit www.Bubble-Jobs.co.uk

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