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Graduate Recruitment Video

I came across this relatively amusing graduate recruitment video for Nabarro a UK Legal company. Although one could get the wrong idea and you wouldn’t necessarily know they were looking, but if you ventured further to check out the company, you would find a number of opportunities.

When you follow on from the video and visit their website, you see a well put together career site, to such a high standard it would challenge the choices for the controversial “National Online Recruitment Awards”. They may not be as big as the chosen best National Employer´s websites but you can see they have taken it just as seriously. More importantly they didn’t stop at just building a great website, they have also tried to use some viral marketing on YouTube, the question is are they also using the likes of facebook too!

The Video is below

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  1. Guess it’s a part of British humor I don’t get. The people like us… nice, but I fear most will have stopped watching before then. We recently had a viral video in Holland: how not to communicate with the youth. It looked a lot like this 🙂

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