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I have to apologise in advance for the lack of posts since last Thursday, and if you popped by and found recruitment views had vanished, well my hosting company pulled all the database connections, with no warning or explanation to anyone.

I could have lost my temper but as they have always given such a good service in the past, I just chilled as shouting and raving wouldn’t have made a blind bit of difference.

Well that was my excuse till Monday, since then I have been working flat out, which I suppose is the Xmas rush before it goes deadly quiet, except for the merriment and long lunches of course. Is that why we have not heard from Louise for a while or is she out shopping for the 10 best Recruitment Presents!

So know I am back into the swing I thought I would start posting with this humorous headhunting video I came across last week from a Dutch recruitment company the video is below, PS its not for the squeamish.


  1. What a great video!! Always wanted to find a ‘proper headhunter’video!! Wouldn’t it be a good ‘service’ to use sometimes for some ‘deserving individuals’!!

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