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FreshMinds are a Breath of Fresh Air!

When you think of all the recruitment companies out there in the UK, so few really seem to try to be different.

So when I saw FreshMinds post a video on Youtube promoting their company, I was keen to give them a mention as one of the few that are really making an effort. One thing I do do is subscribe to receive any video that is posted on the internet with the word recruitment in the text, you wouldn’t believe the rubbish I get and on top of this the only companies that seem to use video are the US fire and police service and Australian recruitment companies.

What is it with the Australians!

Still hats of to FreshMinds who are obviously using video and blogs to reach out. What I did personally like about the video was it did give a good feel of the work ethos within the company, without being over the top.

Follow this link for the video

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