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Talk about a counter offer!

davidbeckham0006I have to admit I am a fan of David Beckham, even though I may be ridiculed I do rate him, in spite of the hype he works hard for his club and is devoted to his children, I could go on but I will leave that to the sports writers.

Putting that aside it is fascinating how his move to Los Angeles to join LA Galaxy is now beginning to play out, it is almost a recruiters nightmare, mind you haven’t we all seen it before with the “Counter offer“?

Beckham whom has been dropped by Steve McClaren and Fabio Capello, and adding insult to injury have said he will never play for their teams again. Not only has he played again for Real Madrid and England he has excelled, as only David Beckham would. This has now resulted in Real Madrid realising what asset they have let go and are now looking desperately to persuade him to stay (again we have seen this before).

Now as a recruiter trying to keep the deal in, I would have been worried if David’s only reason to leave was for money, and as we know this is one of the weakest reasons for a move, mind you at 128 million it is certainly a pull.

Unfortunately what will make me nervous at this stage, is that maybe he is thinking his professional career isn’t over after all and a couple more seasons at the highest level would be a huge draw. At the end day does David need more money, I think not.

So what are my ace cards on keeping this deal together, could it be Victoria and the children with English speaking friends and the Hollywood life style, possibly, but my gut feeling is that it will be emotion and pride, as he will not want to let his family down or his friends. If you couple this with the way he was treated at England and Real Madrid and that David wants to leave football on a high and bring in the cup for Real Madrid, plus having the added benefit of embarrassing those that said he was over, I think then the consultants fee is safe, by using this as emotional blackmail.

On one final note I have always said in recruitment is “it isn’t over until the fat lady sings!” so lets see when he lifts the cup for Real Madrid.

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