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How to Dress for an Interview

I was trying to think what is the most important thing you should do when you go for an interview and I came to the conclusion is preparation which I have covered in the previous post. But also part of the preparation is the way you appear.


So what next, what else is going to give you the edge over your competition again some thing quite simple and that is dress code. I must admit I have interviewed all manner of people over the years and still people turn up for interview without giving any thought to there appearance. I am convinced some people have no idea so I will run through some pointers to ensure you do not make the same mistakes.


First I want you to realise that no matter what level of job you go for the interviewer will expect you to be smart even if the job you are applying for is on a building site or collecting the trash.


The obvious first point is to wear a suite a simple task but again candidates turn up in suits that look as though they have slept in them the night before so GET IT DRY CLEANED AND PRESSED. If you haven’t a suit buy one, if you cannot afford one then either borrow but again clean and press, or go to your local charity shop you will be surprised what you will find. If you cannot afford anything then I assume you are on the poverty line then there is plenty of help out there you just need to ask and you will get help.


Also in regards to the suit it needs to be dark ideally navy blue, loud party suits here are also a no no unless you are applying for a job as a clown or entertainer.


So now I assume you have a suit for interviews cleaned and pressed and looks like new.


Next the shoes often over looked at all levels and is used as a gauge by the interviewer because dirty shoes tell a lot about you it is a sign of being unorganised untidy and having a lack of attention to detail, so get them polished and re healed. A trick here is to get a black marker to redo the heels.


Socks must be black nothing more to be said on this


Shirt should be plain ideally white, NOT FRAYED AT THE EDGES


The Tie again says a lot about your personality so no Mickey Mouse Motifs, it really detracts form the interview and it shows lack of personality would you believe.


That covers the clothes for the interview, next can be a little controversial and I understand that the piercing and the green hair is part of your personality but I am assuming that you are reading this so you can get a job, so you can spend money on yourself, so please try to consider that I am not after making you a clone but you get the job you want and succeed in the interview. So take out the studs, the earrings all the body jewellery get you hair washed and trimmed, you can always turn it green another day. Shave or trim your beard an small note on this a beard is seen as though you are trying to cover up something so if it is long and bushy and you do not want to cut it then a good trim and clean will help also eyebrows are often missed. Next ensure your nails are trimmed and even and clean and make sure you have washed and used cologne etc because body odour will bring the interview to a close quickly. Also just as an aside so that you do not think this is all one way, on one occasion we had a client interviewing in our offices all afternoon he had B.O. it was a hot day and boy did the interview room smell, I felt sorry for the lads and lasses who went in for the interview.


In regards to the women similar points apply but generally I find they tend not to make the same mistakes although they can often go to the other extreme i.e. too much makeup, skirts too short, blouses too loud or cut too low, earrings to big. It is important to ensure that the interviewer isn’t distracted.


So again go for a plain dark business suit white blouse and plain clean shoes.


As I said before, I do not want to produce clones or take away your individuality but the above can make the difference between getting the job or not.


Finally there are some jobs when a little flair works i.e. in the advertising/design industry but again you still need to be smart and the shoes are clean.


But before you leave the house get your partner or mother checks you before you leave go I am sure they will help with an honest opinion.


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