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A call before your Interview works Magic!

You have done your research, preparation and you have a new interview outfit, you are ready for the interview, or are you? 

A very good tip prior to the interview would be to call the company the day before and to check that all is ok and to ask if there is anything you should bring. Before the day of the internet I would tell a candidate to call the company and ask them if they could send you some company information.

These days, it isn’t necessary with most companies having a brochure on the web, but the effect off calling the client before the interview will have a very positive effect. Just to cover the logic on this, by calling the Manager or the HR person prior to the interview will create an early relationship with that person, and as a result the company will remember this on the day.

The effect will be when the interviewer finally gets to meet you; you will get a more positive welcome, compared to the other candidates because a relationship has already been made, they will also appreciate the fact that you have taken an interest in the company and given a professional approach. So again you will have an edge.


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