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How to get a job in Sales as a Sales Representative

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As an ex recruitment consultant the question I was most often asked was how to get into Sales. Some people seem to find it so difficult and others so easy, so based on this I thought I would give a brief outline on how to get that first job as a Sales Representative.

The first thing to note is that you are unlikely to walk into a job at Mars as a FMCG Rep or Pfizer as a Pharmaceutical Sales Executive at first time of calling and if you haven’t a degree you can almost forget it.

So if you haven’t a degree then you will have to set your sites lower, well at least to start with also you will need to be at least over 21 mainly for car insurance purposes.

If you are under 21 look at telesales or you will have to look at commission only and use your own car.

Now this is the difficult bit and really is the test if you want to get into sales, you will really have to start with a commission only job such as insurance double glazing or anything you can find. The reason is they will be the only companies that will give you the experience at the start. What you will gain is experience and a better understanding of what is involved, hey if you think it is a hard pill to swallow particularly you graduates out there then just think of it a free sales training.

It is very important to note here some of the most successful Sales Managers, Sales directors even MD’s started this route

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