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I may not be recruiting any more but I still get that buzz when someone is offered a position they wanted and you have had some part to play. Its that feeling that has kept me in the industry for so many years, OK the money was good but when a candidates or client says thank you, there is nothing better in the world.

Just to put you in the picture, a young lady from South Africa contacted me about a week ago, via this blog asking for some interview advice on how to handle a few issues. I put my recruiter hat on again and did the best I could. Today she has contacted me to let me know she managed to get the position she wanted.

I cannot be sure if it was me that made the difference or not, but it did reminded me that recruitment consultants have the ability to make a difference in whether a candidate gets a job or not, so if you treat each candidate as a human and not just a piece of paper then you will succeed.

So thanks Marisa for making my day, there is nothing better than helping someone, even when there is no financial reward.

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  1. Hi there Stephen,

    Anytime! I’m glad I made your day.
    Everything you said on the blog is true.. and it was you that made the difference, because I was very insecure, and you pointed me to focus on my capabilities. I felt afraid about my manager, but you gave me ideas how to handle it, and not to feel bad should he reacted negatively. And most important you show me how I can use my hearing impairment to break the ice, and in the same time inform them about it, without causing an uncomfortable situation.

    Thank you so much again,


    Marisa Liebenberg

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