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Huxley Associates re-launches internal career site

huxleyassociates Yesterday I was contacted by James at Huxley Associates, asking if I would run with a press release on the re-launch of their internal recruitment web site,  so rather than just copy and paste I thought I would have a look around and give my point of view!

Firstly I thought it would make sense to look at how it was before, by visiting waybackmachine and noticed not a huge difference, but the latest version is much clearer and easier to navigate.

I also decided to compare them with the winner of Nora the West Midlands Police and the other finalists, to see if theirs was up to the mark. At the end of the day shouldn’t a recruiter be able to produce the best internal career web site!

Having checked out the winner I then moved on to the runners up and I was impressed with sthree. What I didn’t realise, which I am sure is obvious to most of you is that Huxley Associates are part of the same group, which explains a lot in their similarities.

What did catch my attention was the style was completely different to sthree, almost as if they were looking for a hugely different type of employee. What did disappoint was the lack of information on the company, and why on earth was their no link to the group website sthree, maybe it was a test for new recruits to see if they have researched the company.

None the less it is well put together and if I was looking for a career change it certainly puts the company in a good light, I particularly liked the profiles section of the different roles.

So if if I was them and wanted to win NORA next year, I would put in more corporate information, maybe some video and maybe a blog, but hey then I am a little biased as a blogger.

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  1. Yes. I am sure you are right even if I never visit the website u mentioned. I am working with a recruitment agency in China,so I can see the trend of recruiting and the right way of running staffing website.

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