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Recruitment Juice Needs You

OK in case you haven’t heard Recruitment Juice are finally moving to their next production and having watched their first series, I for one will be keen to see their second.

If you have not watched their training videos on New Business, I did a review here and if the quality stays the same then I am in no doubt it will be rated as high as the John Cleese training videos, which I watched when I first got into sales.

So rather than re word their press release I have copied it below, but before you budding recruitment comics complete, please take time to do this survey about “what candidate qualities actually matter most in recruitment” and I for one have a few thoughts like most of you recruiters out there.

Recruitment Juice Needs YOU!

Opportunity to make a mark and take part in the funniest industry videos ever made

18th November 2008, London UK: Recruitment Juice (, producers of the most entertaining training tools for the recruitment industry, is offering YOU the chance to get involved in their new series, the Juicy Bits of the Recruitment Process.

Series 2 is about to be filmed and the company is putting a casting call out for people and businesses who would like to take part. “We’re on the look-out for creative juice;” said Matt Trott, Director of Recruitment Juice.  “There are so many fantastic personalities in our industry, and while Sunshine Recruitment is NOT what the real world is like, the tips, expert input and solutions to common challenges all come from real people doing well in business. So we want to highlight and applaud some of the heroes out there, in classic Recruitment Juice style!”

There are various ways in which you can get involved. Recruitment Juice is looking for a selection of people and items to include in the new series. We want ideas about experts we should be interviewing, people who want their faces on film, un-explored comedic talent, heroes who should be lauded and a whole host of props and products. If your football team mug is crying out for its 15 minutes of fame, your company letterhead has just been redesigned, or your favourite Kermit the frog puppet is being unfairly ridiculed in the office, we can help!

So if there’s someone you think deserves a mention, a funny prop you think we’ll never be able to work into the script, or if you’d like to suggest yourself and grab a permanent spot in recruitment history….

· Click:

· Answer the easy-peasy qualifier question

· Tell us about your idea

All the winners will have their details included in the credits, giving their business extra visibility to peers, clients and partners all over the world for many years to come. The first Series, The Juicy Bits of New Business – A Recruiter’s Guide, was incredibly well received across all sectors of the industry and has sold thousands of copies into 15 countries so far. The new series, code-named The 12 Steps to Recruitment Heaven, covers all stages of the recruitment process. Following the established Recruitment Juice style, the set of 6 DVDs includes incredibly funny drama skits in the offices of Sunshine Recruitment, Ripper’s Round Up of statistics and lessons learned and vox pops of industry experts giving their professional viewpoint on the different elements.

One lucky entrant will win dinner plus hotel for two in London during the festive season and everyone who enters will go into a draw to win a copy of the new series, launching in January 2009 and priced at RRP £799 + VAT. The second series can currently be pre-ordered at a very special price of just £499 + VAT, but this offer ends on 30th November so if you’re already planning on making a purchase, you need to act fast.

We’ll include as many ideas as we can, but as you might expect, the judges’ decision is final and incredibly inappropriate entries will be consigned to the bin!  Don’t delay…. click over today!

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