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The other day I had James of Huxley Associates contact me the other day to see if I would mention their press release, with them being named as one of Britain’s ‘Top Employers’ for the third consecutive year. Although I am always happy to give a mention on Recruitment Views, I do like to add a couple of comments of my own, well it is my blog!

Having gone into more detail on the awards I was also pleased to see another recruitment company in the top 10 Hydrodgen, in fact they made number 1 and a few other also making the mark.

I have to say I am pleased to see companies within our industry winning awards such as this, to counter some of the bad publicity we get and in some cases deservedly. I wonder if there would be so many recruitment companies out their if all Recruitment companies acted the same way as Huxley!

Non the less, it goes to show if you manage well and look after your employees you still can succeed.

Oh, and James also wanted me to mention they are looking for staff too.

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  1. Stephen

    I was going to blog about this but was wondering when I’d get the time (due to my current obsession with Twitter, LinkedIn, etc).

    Great to see evidence of recruiters going against the stereotype!

    Regards, Louise

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