How to Start Your Own Recruitment Consultancy

Inspiration for those in business and those in the wrong job!

Well its Friday and I am keen to find something easy to read or watch, on this occasion it isn’t a recruitment funny but something more inspirational and topical, certainly with the launch of the new iphone.

Many of my readers are recruitment consultants making their first step to go on there own, so to you I hope you will find this speech from Steve Jobs the founder of Apple, motivational and if you are stuck in a rut or a career with which you are not happy, then take some inspiration from him.

I apologies to my American readers, whom I am sure have seen this speech before, but it is the first time for me even though it was back in 2005. The speech was to new students at Stamford university and covers getting fired, motivation etc but one comment of the many that stands out is "Love What you Do"

What I like about his speech is although Steve is incredibly successful, its the warmth in his delivery that stands out for me.

So on this Friday I hope you find some inspiration.

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