How to Start Your Own Recruitment Consultancy

Do You Need A Partner to Start a Recruitment Consultancy?

When starting your own recruitment consultancy I posed the question do you need a partner?

This is a question I think must go through the mind of many a recruitment consultant when he or she decides to start their own consultancy. In some instances it can work and it can work superbly well, but it is really dependant on the partnership and what it is built on. In saying that I suggest you think about the divorce rates, because a partnership is a marriage fantastic at first but when it falls apart it can be just as messy.

Over the years I have interviewed and spoken to a number of recruitment consultants and some of their stories have been horrendous, you do not need to look at recruitment either to see some of these disasters.

In my opinion the main reasons for going into partnership, is your own lack of confidence but trust me, recruitment is a business where it isn’t necessary to have a partner. I also remember my accountant advising me NOT to go into partnership, if only I had listened, hindsight is a wonderful thing!

At this point I was going to compile a list of pros and cons for going into a recruitment partnership, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it I would then be a hypocrite, so I will leave that to you so that you convince yourself that a Recruitment partnership it is a good idea.

There are many arguments for and against, so I have decided to sit on the fence and say “DON’T DO IT” because it will end in tears. My advice is believe in yourself, you can do this or you may pay dearly with a partner.

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