How to Start Your Own Recruitment Consultancy

Recruitment: a new model

By Richard Prime, Co-founder of Sonovate

As Sonovate have a good product to help recruiters start out in recruitment I was more than happy for this guest post

The recruitment industry is changing rapidly, and successful recruiters are taking advantage of these changes. Only five or ten years ago, many recruiters would say that in order to generate real results, they needed the infrastructure of a large company and access to the databases which these companies have built up over the years. The thought of setting up their own recruitment company would have been a daunting prospect for many recruiters. Nowadays, however, things are different. Cloud-based technology has opened up more possibilities in candidate acquisition through CV databases, job boards and LinkedIn. With the right support, recruiters can take full advantage of these new technologies. 

Enter Sonovate. 

Sonovate ( is the unique recruitment model dedicated to helping recruiters grow their own companies. By providing all the administrative and back office support needed for a business to operate, Sonovate’s dedicated team helps newly independent recruiters to get on with the real work of recruitment. By using Sonovate’s suite of online tools, these recruiters will be able to enjoy the benefits of being their own boss. 

For any new business the first year is make-or-break, and nowhere is this truer than in the recruitment industry. Having invested a lot of time in building a rich network of contacts, it is important for recruiters to be able to start providing recruitment services as soon as possible. Late payments can be a fatal problem for growing businesses, which is why Sonovate has partnered with Crunch to guarantee that all invoices are chased. As well as Crunch accounting software, the Sonovate package includes Bullhorn CRM, an online presence and company branding for the new recruitment company. It also includes access to social networking site Yammer, through which recruiters can build professional and social relationship. When it comes to candidate searches, Sonovate offers preferential job board rates through Broadbean.

With this infrastructure in place, and support from the Sonovate team, recruiters can grow their own business and make three to four times more net income than they did before. 

The recent government StartUp Loans initiative shows that there is a lot of confidence in UK startup businesses today, as well as the support that they need to thrive. Recruiters set up their own businesses no matter what the economic outlook – they always have and always will. But by providing all the support needed, Sonovate wants to ensure that these new businesses have the best possible chance to grow and succeed. 

For a full list of solutions and software provided by Sonovate, including timesheeting software from ETZ and contract finance from Barclays visit or call 0207 112 4949.

By Richard Prime, Co-founder of Sonovate 

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