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Is This the Future of Interviewing

What I love about technology and communications is how for me it seems dedicated to the recruitment industry. Since I started using a computer it has always aided my role as a consultant.

Although the technology and the Internet has speeded the process for us recruiters, I certainly feel it has taken something away from the role. I loved the physical face to face of interviewing candidates, where one could build a unique and long lasting rapport with your candidate. An email and phone conversation just doesn’t seem to have quite the same appeal some how. Speed has taken over and it’s down to how fast the CV/Resume is sent by one click of the mouse.

Well now maybe I have seen a glimpse of the future for our industry after watching this video from Robert on the new Tele-Presence system from Cisco. I can certainly see corporate companies using this to interview candidates and it certainly will make it easier to get a panel interview together. For me I just hope it gets us back to interviewing candidates face to face again!!

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