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OK I maybe a bit behind the times when it comes to getting my email on my mobile, compounded by the fact I was waiting for the new iphone 3g I can finally say after nearly 2 months of pestering the local store, I finally have my hands on my new web enabled phone.

After about two weeks of playing with it I thought it was time to make a few comments on how it has changed my life, that may sound a little over the top but true.

For the first time in quite a few years I finally find that I am not chained to the computer or have that feeling of being a fish out of water if I cannot get the laptop connected to some wifi network. I have to admit it was a huge relief, I think if you work from home or self employed it is exasperated.

Just over a week ago I wanted to take my wife out for lunch, well we did just reach our 20th wedding anniversary and no kids around, but for the first time I didn’t feel guilty not letting anyone at the office know, because the office was with me at the restaurant. I could relax knowing if a call or an urgent email came in, I wouldn’t miss it and Conchi wasn’t too upset either!

Carrying on with this freedom I find myself able to check and delete emails when I am not in the office and there is no need to boot the computer when I am, so at weekends or evenings I can just have a quick look to see what has arrived and deal with it there and then, my inbox has never been so up-to-date!

On top of this there are a number of applications that can help a recruiter be more efficient, not just the fact that all your outlook contact database is available to you on the phone, you can keep tabs with your linkedin contacts, read cv attachments, set up interview dates, track that hotel or client offices with GSP and Google maps, very handy when you are walking round London completely lost, check out the clients website before you arrive and for you fellow bloggers with wordpress you can even update your blog on the move.

On top of all this it is Skype enabled, what else could one need.

I do not know how this compares to the blueberry, which I know many of you have, but I have been blown away with this.


  1. Stephen – like you I’ve watched my iPhone move from being a telephone, to a tool and now, I’m almost embarrassed to say, a pet. Making appointments on the fly, using the camera to take pictures of documents then running them through an OCR program to save hours of text entry, doing away with carrying more than one digital device, taking PDF and text files with me on trips, and on and on.

    A few of the ATS programs such as are coming out with an iPhone enabled version as does Career Builder. If I had the inclination I’d write an iPhone centric tool specifically for recruiters. I agree with you, it’s is a fabulous tool

  2. Hi there,

    I currenty have an iphone recruitment app is development. It will be stand alone and include client and candidate call notes, information on current working populations margin and uses the address book contacts as it core data source.

    I’d love to hear your views on what would make a great recruitment app for you.



  3. Stephen – I love my iPhone – it has unchained me from my desk

    Bill – you should take a look at RDB Mobile – its fab.


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