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Job a Matic is this the future of job boards or the end!

A few days back I was talking about passive candidates and jobs being advertised on blogs. I highlighted Guy Kawasaki blog and techcrunch as blogs with their own job boards.

I have to admit when I wrote the review I had no idea Guy was using Job*a*matic, as it was a seamless integration to his blog. What will ensure the success of Job*a*matic is not only will Guy benefit from the revenue the client will have their vacancy in front of passive candidates, who read Guys Blog. In addition the vacancy will be posted simultaneously on Simply Hired giving it greater exposure. Until now I was only aware of Indeed or Google Adwords as an option to have relevant vacancies on blogs, so Job*a*matic have taken this to the next level and superbly well.

I have to admit I was tempted to integrate this into recruitment views, unfortunately and this is where it falls down as they cannot cover international jobs, it is such a shame as blogs are read all over the world.  I am sure it will not be long before they address this. Although it maybe a little more complicated, as Simply Hired if I remember rightly and I am going back a few years now, could not function in the UK, as they are an aggregator of vacancies from different job boards and as such were banned, or it was technically not viable. Maybe someone could correct me on this.

So with Simply Hired not being able to scrape the craigslist and Monster for vacancies in the US, this is a fantastic development, which will re address their set back. I believe they have something which has a huge potential, not only in the US but it will enable them to break into the UK market and the rest of the world.

So lets see what happens!

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  1. Thanks for the kind words re: Job-a-matic, Stephen. We Simply Hired folks have been excited by the reception the product has received since launch this week, and we’ll be working diligently to add even more capabilities to it for publishers in the months ahead.

    To answer the questions you issues in your post …

    a) Yes, Simply Hired does not yet support international jobs. We’ll definitely tackle markets beyond the U.S., however, as we believe that many of them offer great promise.

    b) Simply Hired does search Monster — along with thousands of other sites. With more than 5M jobs in our database, we now offer the biggest selection of jobs you’ll find online.

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