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This is no longer up to date, but I have now implemented Indeed on Recruitment Views where although there is a cost of $50 dollars it does go in some way to support Recruitment Views, also you get the added benefit of having you vacancy exposed here and across the Indeed network, just follow this link to Recruitment Jobs

What I have always tried to do with this blog is help Recruitment Professionals by passing on my experience, which I have gained over the last 20 years and more recently keeping you informed with any new developments that I thought would be of interest or may help you grow your business.

With this in mind I wanted to give Recruitment Companies an alternative to advertising in the Recruitment Magazines, Job Boards, or using Rec2Rec or head hunters for those hard to find Recruitment Consultants, by giving you the ability to advertise on Recruitment Views, to attract from the 1000’s of passive recruiters who read his blog each month. More importantly it is free of charge, well at least in the short term, unless you want to buy me a beer of course!

So if I have caught your attention and the idea of reaching passive candidates interests you, but not for recruitment consultants, then you may want to consider reading my article on using Google Adwords to find candidates, as I have documented my success with my previous company.

Finally I wanted to highlight one of the first vacancies to be advertised on Recruitment Views by CRM Appointments for a Recruitment Consultant in Manchester or you can advertise for free by clicking the banner below.

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