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Another Job Board for top 10 Blog

Since I first mentioned Blogs having their own Jobboards, there seems to be more and more entering the arena. The latest is with another favorite blog of mine Lifehacker, who have just anounced theirs. In their case they are using Job Thread rather than Simply Hired (Job-A-Matic).

I am all for using blogs to find passive candidates but I can see this getting messy for recruiters, with so many choices. Still at $25 for a 30 day post with Lifehacker, isn’t a bad deal when you consider the exposure you will get.

For me I still like using Google adwords as there is more control and more importantly I do not need to work out which blogs I need to advertise on, as Google does that by picking up on key words for your industry, still time will tell who will win.

What I did like about JobThread over Job-a-matic is that the vacancies are world wide which, in my opinion is a must, as these blogs have an international reach.

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