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Network Globally at ERE Expo Amsterdam

Scott Baxt of ERE Media contacted me the other day to help promote the Global ERE Expo Conference, which is to be held in Amsterdam from the 14th to the 16th of November this year.

Scott is particularly excited with the list of global speakers with a strong emphasis on Africa, Poland, Russia, China and Australia. On top of this there will be an excellent opportunity to network with senior management from some of the top 1000 global companies who will be attending.

In addition if you do want to attend, readers of Recruitment Views get a 10% discount by entering this code AM07RV on the online application.

If you do decide to attend let me know, so we can link up. I certainly will be looking forward to meeting a fellow blogger Alan Whitford who will be opening the conference. By the way Alan just realised you are not on my blog role, a huge oversight which has been rectified.    

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