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It must be Valentines Day!

After the launch today of we get Jobsite launching be my Interviewer, a site exclusively made to help candidates prepare for an interview, rather than describe a job.

I have to say Jobsite’s offering is excellent, because it offers the prospective Job Hunter a few clues on how to succeed in an interview, although after watching a few of these successful CEO’s one couldn’t help feel one would end up being more confused with their different styles. It certainly shows how easy it is to slip up, with an innocuous questions like “How was your Journey?” put by Ruth Badger.

In truth it gives a superb insight into the minds of these successful managers and will not only help the Job Hunter but also the recruitment consultants and their clients.

So hats of to Jobsite for producing such a well thought out interview aid, but hey shouldn’t we consultants be doing the briefings anyway!

Hmm and Jacqueline Gold, that reminds me I should go out and buy something for Conchi (My Wife) if I dare of course.

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