Is Nimble the future for Recruitment Software?


In reality Nimble is not a recruitment software package, but a very good CRM system which could have the potential to become a superb way to do recruitment. Although if you already have a system then I suspect you would not change, but you may use it if you are just starting out or looking at more productive ways to work with emails and the social networks. Nonetheless it has some great features, which could mark you out to be a better recruiter.

I have been playing with the package for about a month now and I just cannot help feel that at $15 a month you have a tool that could actually be better than some systems. I think it would take a leap of faith as you would not have cv parsing, the ability to search CV’s, radius searches etc which you get from standard recruitment software systems. So if you are in the volume business of recruitment, then this is not for you. But if you are in a niche sector or your role is just to find new clients or a head-hunter then this could be perfect.
What I like is that Nimble looks at candidates and clients from a different perspective or more correctly contacts. It is more about their on-line presence and the way they interact via social media. As a result you get a broader picture of that person rather than a CV, you see how they communicate and what they feel strongly about.

From someone who has done a lot of cold calling over the years, my success has been about trying to make each call unique and fresh, which is not easy and the key was to make plenty of notes and try to get something from each call. Now with Nimble you have a bigger picture of who they are instantly (If they have a social media presence of course). Now when I canvas someone with Nimble I actually see their profile, what interests them and what they are passionate about as all their social activity is all in one place. This way a cold call can be much more personal, in fact you could build a relationship without the need to even phone them. It would not surprise me that if you did it right, they may actually call you.

Nimble contact page of Jon Ferrara the CEO

Also when I think of all the canvass calls I have made over the years and the amount of excuses and lies I was given by the gate keepers, it was enough to make you want to give up 😉 so with this I can see a way to by pass the secretary without her even knowing.

Also one of the most frustrating things about canvassing is calling the contact over and over again and what’s the chance they have a vacancy when you do call! It would not be long before it would start to become a negative, as it is always difficult to get the balance right . So using social media you have the opportunity to to contact them more regularly without becoming a pest, that way everyone wins.

This video from Nimble should give you a feel of the product and you can test it for free too. There are plenty of ways to get the best out of this but like everything it is best to have a play and see if it works for you.

WhatsNewinNimble-2013 from Nimble Marketing on Vimeo.


  1. Nice review Stephen. I actually took a look at that several months ago because of the social integration. At the time it was still a little ‘buggy’ and not quite as the sales patter would have it.
    I moved to ZohoCRM for 6 months, realised it was too complex for my needs, and after testing the excellent HighRise CRM, I cactually hose Insightly CRM. It integrates really nicely with Google Apps (my email) and is exactly what a CRM system should be – simple and intuitive 🙂
    I will take another look at Nimble to make sure my opinion isn’t too tainted!

  2. Thanks Andy, funny enough I used to use zoho, but just did not like it felt clumsy. Not heard of high rise, will take a look. Also Nimble just had an upgrade about a week ago!

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