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Last week I sent out my second news letter to recruiters throughout the UK, a bigger undertaking than one may realise.

Nonetheless it was completed and sent to my current list of 4,000 recruiters, it is amazing how ones contacts grow over the years.

I decided to write the newsletter as I felt that there was a need for a way to recap the weeks news in a format that was more informative by linking to the source of the news and filter out the duplicates. I also wanted a more informative and humorous news items to be included, which can be quickly scanned to see what is of interest. On top of this I receive various news items, which do not necessarily fit well on this blog, hence a need for something a little different.

Obviously there is a lot of news to take in so I have have also collaborated with a couple of my contacts for their knowledge firstly Fiona McKay as an expert on the legal side of recruitment and Sarah Bennett with her expertise as a trainer of recruiters, thereby I hope to give readers a Newsletter with some added depth. I have also enlisted a little help from Andy Headworth with a compilation of blog posts and the humor from The Guru from Personnel Today
If you are interested in keeping up to date with the news that affects our industry, in a format that I think I would describe as a cross between a newspaper and web 2.0 then complete the form embedded here in this article below:

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