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PSFK launch their own Jobs Board

Today I received a press release from PSFK, yes it didn’t mean to much to me at the time but PSFK is a very popular website/blog, related to as far as I can tell the advertising industry. Mind you it can only be advertising with a name like PSFK.

What is interesting and is becoming more of a trend with Bloggers in that they are looking to generating revenue from recruitment advertising. It certainly carries on from the theme of finding those passive candidates, which I commented on in a post using Google Adwords to find candidates and PSFK have taken this to the next step.

It makes perfect sense to me if you want to reach relevant candidates, then you should advertise on the blogs they read, I mean how often do we read a newspaper these days.

The new PSFK jobs board should do well as their site gets over 300,000 page views a month with a strong bias to the advertising sector. As a result they have joined other Bloggers who have done the same Problogger, Techcrunch and Guy Kawasaki all with recruitment ads appealing to their readers.

What is interesting and refreshing is PSFK have put there own “creative slant” to their jobs page, in that they have uniquely linked their vacancies to Google maps. To find out more visit their jobs page by following this link.

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