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Institute of Recruiters
Institute of Recruiters

Following on from my previous post on what every recruiter should know, I received an email from the Institute of Recruiters. This was quite timely in that it covered a few points on developing your career in recruitment . The career map covered the progression of a recruiter from trainee through to Director which can be seen here. it also covers some of the training qualification you can gain on the way.

If you are looking to get on and develop a career in recruitment then this will help you focus on your next role and as I said before it is not all about your company you work for but it is about you, therefore take time out and think about where you want to be!

In addition they wanted to bring my attention to their new Recruiting & HR Qualifications a discount on Reed and Jobsite for your vacancies but also do not forget their Linkedin group. 

Also this update gives me an opportunity to bring  in a useful tool, which I use but never thought of using in the way shown in the video below, basically using Rapportive in Gmail to find a contacts email. Also one thing that I also found when testing, is that I was able to bring the contact into Nimble, which is quite an interesting take on a CRM particularly aimed at using Social Media.


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