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The National Online Recruitment Awards 2006

I must admit starting this Blog has had a number of great spin-offs which I didn’t expect, although at the time it started of as a little bit of fun. What has kept me motivated is the enjoyment I get by helping other recruiters succeed, and the fascination over the influence of technology in recruitment.

One of the spin offs of doing this I had the pleasure to talk with Stephen O’Donnell Director of Alljobs Limited and realised that we had some similar experiences, or maybe it was just the fact we have been in this industry too long!!

Having said all that are the Hosts of the National Online Recruitment Awards and as I have a passion for the Internet I wanted to give Stephen and AlljobsUK my full support, so don’t forget to vote.

The categories for which nominations have been invited are:

1. Best General Jobsite

2. Best Specialist Jobsite

3. Best Regional Jobsite

4. Best National Recruitment Agency Website

5. Best Small Recruitment Agency Website (3 branches or less)

6. Best Employer’s Website (recruitment)

7. Best Online Recruitment Section by a Consumer Publication

8. Best Online Recruitment Section by a Trade Publication

9. Best Employment Advice Website

I have a few of my favorites and I look forward to discussing the shortlist, for more information go to the National Online Recruitment Awards 2006


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