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Recruitment Consultants are not all bad!

One of the comments I see a lot from job hunters is their continual complaint about recruitment consultants, and I have to say they have a point. So as an ex recruitment consultant I want to give you an insiders view and a few tips to get the best out of us.

I have tried to compile a list of what are the most common complaints aimed at recruitment consultants, you may be able to add to them!

1) They never return my call
2) They do not inform me of my the progress of my application
3) No reason given to why not offered the role
4) No reply to my cv/resume
5) They do not know my industry
6) They are unprofessional etc etc

All in all it tends to be related to communication and how experienced or how well trained the consultant is, but first it is worth considering these points from the Recruitment Consultants perspective.

1) They only earn money on successfully placing you in a job
2) They receive hundreds of cv’s per week
3) They are targeted to achieve results
4) They have no time for small talk
5) The client does not communicate to them
6) You the Job Hunter do not keep the consultant informed, it then becomes a vicious circle

The important thing to note here is that the Consultant is targeted on placing you in a job, so there is no point in getting frustrated because your consultant has not called you back just to say he has nothing, as in truth it is time consuming. Mind you I have a different opinion on this.

Unfortunately this will not change and it isn’t helped by companies continually recruiting graduates straight out of university who lack life experience, there isn’t much I can do to change this, but I can help you get more from your consultant.

The key is to get the consultants calling you with plenty of opportunities and bellow is a few tips to help.

1) You will need a well-written cv no longer than 3 pages and to the point, so the consultant doesn’t miss you when they scan it. This free resume article will help
2) Apply for realistic roles, it is unlikely a consultant can get you promoted, but they can find you a company with more opportunities to get you promoted though
3) Be flexible help the consultant help you; it could be in just being available for the interview, if you cannot go they will find someone else and may not ask you again.
4) If you are working with a good consultant, work with them give them the info to help you get in front of clients that you want to work for.
5) Builds a rapport with you consultant so they want to help you, make sure they know your true personality.
6) Keep on top of your consultant make sure they chase the companies, this is a great way to find out if you consultant is on the ball, if not find another.
7) Make it easy for the consultant to sell you to their clients, make sure they know your achievements and key skills
8 ) With modern technology these days many consultants use computer software to search for candidates, so make sure your cv/resume is key word friendly rather paragraphs of rambling.
9) Do not use just one consultancy work with a few that specialise in your market
10) And my Golden Recruitment Tip, when a candidate wants to work for one of my clients the candidate who generally gets the job asks me for help. Your consultant will know your strengths and weaknesses and the opinions of the recruiter and your competition, so use them they may even write the presentation for you if you ask them!

So don’t forget your consultant can be the difference in you getting the job or not, there is no point in getting upset with them, so work with them, some are better than others and generally it is just down to the experience of the consultant.

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  1. Thanks for the nice article, I read this because I attended few interviews and not getting any response! Frustrated! Feeling better after reading this post.

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