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I have to admit I feel like a Rant, it all started with my regular email from Recruiter magazine. OK it is the main magazine for our industry and they send emails of the latest news which I find very informative, but it all goes wrong when you follow the link to the article, as there is no link to the company they quote to gain more information.You wouldn’t get that on a blog now would you!

You can certainly tell this magazine is typical of many out there who have not embraced the Internet, I am obviously glad as I wouldn’t be able to compete if they did. Anyway I decided not to moan at this point as it is a weakness I can capitalize on. Then would you believe it the very next day I get my copy of their Guide to Recruitment Software, now I may be biased but there isn’t a mention of Arithon Recruitment Software who in my opinion have the most advanced ASP based recruitment based offering on the market, let alone having been around since 1998, I ask you how can you take the magazine seriously!!!!

I thought I was done but then I remembered the September issue of Recruiter, they ran an article on Blogging and Recruitment, as a result I had a long chat with their reporter, giving them my insider view, particularly as I am one of only a few UK recruiters who blog. Well when the Recruiter Mag came out I didn’t get a mention, I wasn’t bitter as I had already published my comments "Why I Blog" related to their questions, but it is only when you included it with their other omissions you just have to say something.

What really stands out in their article about blogging, is that it only has one link, which goes to This is a company looking to sell its service of consultancy to recruitment consultants who want a blog or promote themselves online and not to one single blog! Call me cynical but did they pay for that link or the article, whichever the case I did take time to look at their blog OnlineRecruitment which is written by Mike Taylor, so although I am cynical to Recruiter Magazine, Mikes blog I thought was excellent and informative so I shall ad him to my blog roll, mind you I would be interested to hear Mikes view, maybe he should give some advice to the Recruiter Magazine!.

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  1. Hi, Mike Taylor here!

    Thanks for the mention in your blog.

    In terms of the blogging article in Recruiter Magazine I received a phone call from the journalist (which I blogged about) and gave them some information over the phone.

    I believe they found me in Google (I am currently number 2 on and number 1 on for the term recruitment blogs).

    It was nice to receive a mention in the article (and a link to my site) but I didn’t pay for either the article or the link.

    Hope this feedback helps.



  2. Dear Stephen,

    Appreciate the feedback on our mag, and I’m sorry you’ve been disappointed in some of our coverage.

    I’d like to reinforce Mike Taylor’s comments: you can’t buy editorial coverage in Recruiter. If someone wants copy control, they can buy clearly-defined advertising from our very keen advertising team.

    On the other hand, the Guide to Recruitment Software is purely an advertising tool — the companies included in that guide, which contains no editorial copy except for my introduction, all pay for the privilege of being included.

    The article you reference on blogging was contributed by a freelance journalist, and represents a first ‘go’, if you will, at blogging coverage.

    Do get in touch with me — my email address and phone are on the web site, and in the magazine — so that I can personally get from you the specifics of the web site that didn’t work as well as talk with you about blogging. To better embrace the internet, we need to be in touch with trailblazers like you.

    Thanks again for the feedback.


    DeeDee Doke

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