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Recruitment Juice Training Video Review

recruitment-juice.jpgAfter all the hype with the superb promotion videos for Recruitment Juice, I couldn’t wait to get hold of my copy to see if it lived up to all expectations, as I wanted to do a review here on Recruitment Views. So finally at the weekend I was able to sit down and watch the full set of DVDs without interruption from the family. The set is made up of 6 DVDs all on a theme of “The Juicy Bits of New business!!” Now as a self proclaimed expert on New Business, I had pen to hand to take it apart layer by layer.

Firstly the series is broken down into seven parts and is made up of about 2 hours of video, plus a very interesting document called “the Perceptions of the Recruitment Industry”, a must read survey if you want to be one step ahead of the competition.

The 7 sections were titled as below:

  1. Its All About Attitude
  2. Prepare & Plan For Success
  3. Opening Calls With Impact
  4. Questioning & Communicating with Confidence
  5. Eliminate Objections & Close Intelligently
  6. Strategies For Creating New Leads
  7. Juicy Tips

In the end I couldn’t critise any of the training videos, as I came away feeling that Roy had managed to cover every aspect of new business as well as anyone could. For me what made the training videos stand out so well was not only Roy’s opinion on recruitment but the combination of the other 5 experts. Ben Doltis from the SJB Group, Kayode Dauda From Harrison Search, Lloyd Moore from Creative Recruitment, Angela Ashwell from Ashwell Forbes, Richard Bloom from Purple Consultancy and Helen Curry from the Spencer Group. In the end it felt like they were talking about their experiences and how they succeeded when it came to new business, as if they were giving away their trade secrets to me.

Intermingled with all this knowledge was a series of sketches, which emphasised the good and bad habits of recruitment consultants when it came to new business, transmitted in a style of the TV series “The Office”. Basically the sketches were set in an imaginary recruitment consultancy named Sunshine Recruitment. The two main characters were Wayne, who is the “I’ve been there done it all before” personality, with a wonderful cringe factor and the lovely Charlotte, who is the new recruit learning how to do the job, while making all the mistakes as we all did when we first started.

So I suppose the question is wether it’s worth the £699 or £649 if you use my promotional code RECVIEWS, which Roy kindly wanted to pass on to my readers. Well the answer I suppose will depend on you, because having watched the video I can guarantee you will feel that you will have had value for money, as the series had been put together so professionally, with insights from top performers, superb tips and tricks, humour and above all your consultants will perform to a higher standard and produce more revenue, which is what it is all about at the end of the day, rather than making more calls than anyone else.

In the end I felt Roy made sure nothing was missed and even an old campaigner like myself came away enthused. But for me if I was to pick one thing that had an impact or should I say summed up the training, it was the phrase “Remember you are judged by the questions you ask rather than the products you sell”, I couldn’t have said it any better.

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