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Recruitment Views Face Lift

face lift, hmm!Well I suppose I had to do it at some stage, but I have to admit playing around with any website can be a little dangerous and something I try to avoid. Unfortunately at the weekend Recruitment Views started to play up with its images, so as it was a bank holiday I thought I would chance some maintenance.

While I was at it, I thought I would give the site a complete overhaul.

Firstly I had to upgrade WordPress, which was a small nightmare last time hence the long delay, but this time it was a breeze as I used the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin from Techie Buzz no problems whatsoever!

Secondly I thought I would change the theme, which is some ways I was sad about but it had to be done and with great regret I had to take away those seductive eyes, which have stared at me for what must have been close to two years.

So out with the old and in with a new template from Brian Gardner, whom I have to say has some of the best designs for wordpress you can find and this one is free, you are just too generous Brian!

So I hope you all don’t find the the change too over the top, while I do some tweaking.

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