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UK Recruitment Networking Event

Well as I travel back to Manchester on the Virgin Intercity, I find I have sometime to put some comments down from the Recruitment Networking event in London.

Fortunately I held back on the alcohol, as I just couldn’t face a 2-hour train journey drunk, so after the Angus burger, I am ready to put finger to keyboard.

I am sure Louise of UK Recruiter (Left) was happy with the function in regards to the number of attendees, which on reflection may have been to many for the size of the location, making it rather noisy and spoiling the presentations, which was a shame. Saying that it was an excellent function and certainly worth the trip.

With everyone in such close proximity of each other it made it very easy to strike up a number of contacts. In a future post I will go into more details of some of the contacts I made. But tonight I wanted to make reference to my fellow bloggers. Meeting Louise of course was the high point, as it was like meeting an old friend.

The second blogger I met was Matt Alder (right) whom reminded me in some way of Joel, or maybe it was just the glasses! Still having read his blog I didn’t realise he worked for Barkers, which was a client of mine many years ago, scary!

And below a picture of the two hosts Louise and Dan of Broadbean

oh and if you didn’t realise that was me in the previous photos. If you want to see more photos of the event then follow this link.

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