The ten strangest job titles on LinkedIn

Have you ever shared an office with a ‘Digital Overlord’? Or crunched numbers with an ‘Accounting Ninja’?

If not, there’s hope yet, because the recent movement towards more unorthodox job titles looks set to continue, according to specialist recruitment consultancy IntaPeople.

Having scoured thousands of online profiles, IntaPeople has revealed what it believes to be the ten most peculiar job titles being used by professionals on LinkedIn.

The top ten:

1.         Digital Overlord

2.         Creator of Happiness

3.         Retail Jedi

4.         Wizard of Light Bulb Moments

5.         Dream Alchemist

6.         Chief Chatter

7.         Change Magician

8.         Accounting Ninja

9.         Chief Biscuit Dunker

10.       Direct Mail Demi-God

Stephen Riley, director at IntaPeople, commented:

“We are seeing more and more of these kind of job titles cropping up on online profiles, CVs and business cards. Many feel that casting away conventional titles will help them broadcast their individuality and give them a real edge over their competitors.

“It is a trend that is almost certainly linked with the explosion of social media. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have shown that there is real value in bringing more personality to business, and creative job titles offer individuals another way of doing this.

“It can be a risky tactic, though. Companies are increasingly using sites like LinkedIn to research prospective employees and suppliers. If it seems like you are not taking your job seriously enough, you could well miss out on some great business opportunities. Calling yourself a ‘Wizard’ or a ‘Jedi’ could be just a step too far for some.”

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