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The Worlds First Augmented Reality CV

OK so what is an “augmented reality CV”, well I have to admit I wasn’t sure what augmented meant to start with, so I checked out the definition in the dictionary and came up with “to make larger; enlarge in size, number, strength, or extent; increase”. I not sure if it is the best way to describe this CV, but it certainly makes you want to find out more!

From what I can make out this isn’t really for the mainstream, as I suspect for one it will be expensive and secondly I suspect it will be more relevant to graphics or IT industry professionals, wanting to show off their skills in a more dynamic way.

Which is why the first Augmented CV was put together by cw jobs for David Wood the co-founder of Symbian, who I cannot believe even needs a cv!!

Still you have to say it is impressive and if you want to catch the eye of a employer, you can be sure it will and whether David likes it or not he will get some very interesting offers.

Below is a video of his cv in action:

Now if you think you have the personality or the ability to show off, then CW Jobs are offering a competion for your chance to WIN your own AR CV plus £500 worth of Amazon vouchers, by telling them why you should have your CV converted into augmented reality.

So as to get some idea what goes into putting such a sophisticate cv together then you will get a clue from the following video put together by Jason Badbury:

One thing for sure this takes your cv into the next realm, a little more creative than the ones you highlighted Andy!


  1. I asked a couple of times on Twitter how much such a CV would cost to commission but it fell on deaf ears. The example above took 7 days to put together so I am guessing it’s a bit more than a fiver. The thing with a lot of this wonderful technology is that it’s great but far too pricey for the average man or woman in the street to even contemplate.

  2. It is certainly true that this new ‘more relevant to graphics or IT industry professionals, wanting to show off their skills in a more dynamic way.’

    It is clear that this innovative and high tech CV will only be able to be accessed by a small number of privileged individuals. However, as we start to see recruiters and candidates doing increasingly clever things online; things like this might start to become more accessible and more of a reality in the online recruitment world.

    Clever candidates are already making their CV available online, putting together video CV’s and even optimising their websites and employment profiles to come up in search results. The video of the Augmented Reality CV in action is certainly impressive and it is a glimpse into the potential of online recruitment in the future.

  3. This is great! Always nice to see innovative ideas in all aspects of recruitment. As a professional CV Consultant myself, I have noticed an increase in people asking for video CVs, web-CVs, etc and wonder if, at some point in the future, paper-based CVs will become a thing of the past?

  4. This is great – but there is another new service where professionals can aggregate all their achievements via video, audio, photos, slides and the traditional resume to portray themselves in a totally interactive way to potential employers – for free.

    It is a pretty cool site

  5. A brilliant article and a fantastic way to stand out from the crowd when applying for a position. Probably not the most cost effective way to stand of from the competition but good to see that technology is still moving forwards.

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