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Two handy applications

Yesterday I came across a couple of really handy applications, particularly for those of us who have two computers and if you like me decide to work from home in the evening, only to realise one key graphic or a document is on the office computer, then Syncplicity or Logmein could be for you.

I know I have gone on about backing up data in the past, which is one of the reasons I loved Arithon but these two handy application are for those of you not using Arithon or in my case, everything else!

To be honest rather than give you an appraisal of the software you can download them for free or watch their videos. What I will say and why I was keen to recommend them, was for the huge struggle I had to set up a home office network, maybe it didn’t help that one computer was on vista and in Spanish and the laptop operates on XP! In the end I gave up, but on Saturday I tested Logmein and within a few minutes I was able to finally connect to the other computer. So now there is no need to get up from the couch, a huge relief as I am still suffering from a back injury from a run I did a few months back.

It just now leaves me to tidy up the computers, its amazing the mess after just a few months!

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