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Vote for the Best UK Recruitment Blog of 2007

As 2007 comes to an end I was pleased to receive an email from Louise of UK recruiter, asking me to give some exposure to a competition for the “Best UK Recruitment Blog.”

Although I have to admit it could be a one horse race, but none the less it still should be fun to see who will be in the runners up!

What I did find fascinating was how this small band of blogger’s has grown to 33 from just a handful at the beginning of the year. Of those some seem to have given up, which isn’t surprising as writing articles for a a blog takes so much time and effort.

So who do I think will be in the runners up or certainly worth a vote. Well the big guns will be there I am sure, Tim has to be the optimist of the group with comments like “Fulham top of the League” hmm, Dominic solid and dependable. Peter complaining if he doesn’t get a vote, in fact I think he would complain even if he did win. Andy appealing to the generation X and Matt already looking for a few votes. But we all need to watch out for the new kid on the block Dan as he I am sure will be up there and fighting for some more exposure for Broadbean, but does he need any more success!!

Still I will let you all decide just follow this link to vote.

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