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Candidate follow up or how’s Robert Scoble doing?

I have been meaning to write this entry for a few weeks now, but finding the time is so hard, I don’t now how some of you Blogger’s keep the pace up, Jim Stroud comes to mind here. Anyway with my poor excuse out of the way I will continue.

I was very keen to write a follow up on an entry I made a while back entitled Robert Scobles’s Resignation Letter!! Kindly Robert responded and commented on the post and as a good recruitment consultant, I thought I would see how he is doing at Podtech. Well not surprisingly I found Robert had taken over with his very own show, The Scoble Show and if you have time I suggest you take a look.

Basically it is a video blog, I believe you would call it a Vlog, where Robert is commenting on all manner of things with an emphasis on technology. The quality of the videos are extremely good and the content to, with some unique insights into some of the companies he has been to visit. More importantly you certainly feel that Robert has made the right move, as he appears to be loving every minute of his new job, unless Robert tells me otherwise of course!

So as to keep up the theme of recruitment, one of the videos was about the CEO of Sun Microsystems (Jonathan Schwartz), and another a tour of Printing for less (a possible lead there for some of you recruiters). Having watched these videos you couldn’t help feel how the video portrayed their company in a completely differently light, by showing a more human face let alone a look around their offices. I am sure it would motivate many prospective candidates to join their organisations if they were looking

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