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I was told the other day that Recruitment in the States was very different to the UK, so I was pleased to see this entry on

Is Money an Effective Incentive for Outside Recruiters?

-Jim Durbin

When I first started in the recruiting business, I was given a simple formula for success.
If I wanted to make $100,000 in my third year of business, I would follow the following schedule.

It happened to be exactly the same formula that put me at the top of the league table. Since then I have trained others to do the same.

At the end of the day you only make money when you are talking to people, its how this business works. It is so easy to spend hours just reading cv’s or sending emails and not actually speaking to anyone.

By picking up the phone to these marginal candidates, magic happens. They suddenly become perfect, because they just happened to have the ideal background, that wasn’t on the cv or they are ideal for another position or maybe they just started a new management role and need to recruit ASAP.

So the moral of the story is "the bigger the phone bill the bigger the commission!!"


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  1. i was wondering if anybody could help me, i really want to get into recruitment, and recently i have been given a chance to attend an interview. However the thing is, i have no idea what to say! They have asked me why i want to be a recruitment consultant, and what i hope to achieve? And also why i have chosen to pick IT industry rather than the others? Please could someone help me, i would be most grateful


  2. Nimita,

    IT recruitment is a little bit different to other types of Recruitment.
    The question you need to ask yourself is why do you want to get into recruitment. Recruitment agencies often like to recruit people who are driven by $$ and enjoy talking with people. Point out that you like the idea of being the person in the middle, like a dating agency… where you match a candidate (based on their skills, experience and cultural fit) with a client.

    The biggest hesitation from their side is that they will hire somebody who is not proactive… so stress that you are proactive in your approach.
    Other things you could mention include… that you enjoy building rapport with strangers, you like the rewards that the recruitment industry can offer compared to other industries, you like helping people, you enjoy competition… etc.

    I have applied for two positions in recruitment and landed both positions. My most recent position is Recruitment in the IT industry (funnily enough). I landed the position because I was confident during the interview, I matched their body language and built rapport through mirroring (copying their body language, tone of voice, amount of eye contact, level of relaxation, and even breathing rate etc.). If you are new to the idea of rapport then read a book on body language or download some info. on Anthony Robbins or Richard Bandler (NLP).

    If you really want the position then just feed them what they want to hear… which is all the things mentioned above. Good luck !
    I look forward to 0.1% of your commissions (commissions are another reason you may want to enter recruitment).

    Good luck and let me know how you go!

    Just do me a favour. If you land the job, then be fair to your contractors and don’t bullshit to your candidates (not too much anyway). If you can do that then I am happy.

    Hope I helped.

    Adam Jones

  3. Hey Adam,

    Thank you for your help!!!

    I didnt get the job, so that 0.1% commission you wont be getting!!

    Sorry he he, the guy that interviewed me was a total ass!

    Thank you so so much, both you and Stephen have helped so much!


  4. Hi Adam,

    I’ve been in the recruitment industry for over 7 years, and left to help start up a company with my husband, which now is doing very well. Over the past 6 mths, I have become bored, (brain dead), and really miss the buzz recruitment!!!! My husband and I are keen for me to start my own company, which I have started looking into. I’m a bit nerves as it has been 3 years since I left the industry. Any advice? I’m also looking at software!!! Any advice would be most welcome.

    Thank you

    Ruchi Sandhu

  5. hi there i am new to recruitment and am running a contract desk in the senir finance market. It is just very slow to get going… I feel as though as I should be achieving more than i am although my manager keeps telling me i have succeeded where others have failed. I am not averse to picking up the phone at all but am just a little bit frustrated wiht the way things are going. I just keep getting told to do what I’m doing or to make more calls but it feels as if i am going for a bit of a scatter gun approach instead of being targeted and methodical due to the job flow drying up. Does anyone have any pointers?


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