Webinar Marketing for recruiters

I find it strange how things just turn up at the right moment, as I have been looking at running a series of webinars myself. Not related to recruitment I have to admit, so when I received an email on “How to use online strategies to get clients and candidates and use inbound strategies rather than chase on the phone and email” I took a look not realising it would be about webinars, but because I am always interested to see what other ideas people have.

What did surprise me is that Andy Whithead should want to give away 4 videos on how he uses webinars to generate more business, OK the plan is for him to win more clients, but none the less the videos were very in depth and you could pick up enough from the videos to do it yourself. Which are here: www.recruitmentmarketinginternational.com/recruiterexpertvideos

I do not know if it is because I am now over 50, but my only critisism is that Andy does come over a bit too much like a young inexperienced recruiter, just too much jargon considering he doesnt have any recruitment background. None the less he is correct in saying that it is about being the expert in your Niche, something I have always said. So using webinars is a great way to be different, but like everything it needs to be backed up with consultants who actually know what they are talking about. So if you can over come his pronunciation of niche then I am sure you will get some great ideas.

Certainly worth watching



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