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Well Jim Stroud is at it again!

Well Jim Stroud is at it again, pushing the boundaries of the blogosphere with his new website The Day In Recruiting. To be honest he doesn’t really need to go any further than his podcast’s on The Recruiters Lounge but who I am to argue.

So whatever the case I thought I would take a look and see what Jim has put together. Having now had time to reflect I can honestly say, I like it and it works well with Jim’s other offerings. Probably the best way to describe it is it is like a cross between and a blogroll.

Why it works for me is that it shows off all the recruiting blogs on one page, with the key being that the latest posts are also included giving you more of a feel of the blog than just a name on a blogroll. Saying that it really amazed me the amount and diversity of recruiting blogs out there, with a few fellow UK bloggers in the mix, I am pleased to say.

To finish I am very attached to my feed reader but Jim you have excelled yourself on this one, so I will take some time out to visit the mix of content on The Day In Recruiting.

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