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Dont Panic Mr Mainwaring!

As the hype continues in regards to the recession, I was happy to read on Recruiter about Daulton Construction Personnel, who are bucking the trend and are actually growing at their fastest rate in 14 years.

I wanted to give this a mention as I know some recruiters are struggling particularly within the construction and finance sectors at the moment. As I said back in July “Thank heavens for the Recession” you can succeed in difficult trading times. The key is to be aware of it but not get dragged down with the continued negativity from the media. For me when times were difficult you only had to look out the window and see the lorries are still flowing up and down the motorways and people still need to eat and drink.

As a result the world is still ticking over, granted it will be more difficult, but there are still opportunities like you can see with Michael Daulton who is succeeding within one of the hardest hit sectors.

You can read the short article here.

So dont Panic!

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